Lamp, Vintage | Mirror, Ikea | Coffee Table & Side Table, Ikea | Armchairs, Fred Meyer | Couch, Craigslist
Rug, Rugs USA | Antlers, Fred Meyer | Assorted Pillows, Ikea | Bar Cart, Ikea
I moved! Suburbia no more, I’m officially a Vancouver gal. Even though I moved less than a week ago, I wanted to share my decorating progress so far, starting with my living room!

This gold table & side table were Ikea hacks! All that was needed was a set from Ikea and some gold spray paint. I’m really happy with the results.

I have been lusting over bar carts since I first spied one on Pinterest. When I knew I was going to be moving out, it was one of the first purchases I made. Like the coffee table & end table, this was also an Ikea hack (all it takes is this bar cart and some paint!). I can’t wait to continue to fill it with bevvys so I can expand my bartending abilities!

Although this is a small space, I really wanted it to feel like ‘me’. I tried to decorate with as many personal effects as I could. This includes the disco ball, stack of some of my prized books, and a souvenir from a friend’s trip to Paris. 

When I first toured this apartment, I was smitten with the fireplace. Decorating the mantle was the first thing I did after I got my keys – just to make it feel like it was mine. Nothing feels cozier in my books than candles and fresh flowers.
It feels amazing to be out on my own! After weeks of feeling overwhelmed and a wee bit stressed (who am I kidding, a lot stressed), I am starting to melt into my new lifestyle.  

Coat, Forever21 | T, Aritzia | Moto Jeans, Mavi | Oxfords, Little Burgundy | Bag, Forever21 | Hat, Forever21
My spring style has been all about basics. Styling jeans and a white t-shirt may seem classic, but there’s a few ways to update the look to make it feel more modern.

1.     Details

These jeans from Mavi feel perfectly structured with their moto detailing at the knee. Coupled with their light wash, they feel fresh and tailored (even though they are ridiculously comfortable).

2.     Pairing

This camel coat has been my number one staple so far this spring. I had been lusting after a camel coat since early fall and luckily scooped up this one from Forever21.

3.     Investment pieces

Since the majority of my shopping is done as frugally as possible, I put a lot of thought into purchasing investment pieces. This t-shirt from Aritzia doesn’t break the bank as much as a T by Alexander Wang would, but its quality is still great. Spending a bit more on key pieces ensures quality and more longevity.

Sneakers, Nike | Pants, Aritzia (similar here) | Backpack, Steve Madden from TJ Maxx | Jacket, Danier
Shirt, Forever21 | Lipstick, Mac in Mac Red
The top three most stressful experiences a human goes through in life are:
1. Divorce
2. Moving
3. Starting a new job

Other than going through a divorce, I’ll be facing the other two in the next three weeks. Although it’s an exciting time, it can also feel a tad overwhelming. I’ve never had an aversion to change, but this much change, all within the span of a month, feels like an electric shock.

It’s great to have comfortable staples in my wardrobe that I can crawl into and not feel like a complete mess, even when I’m feeling stressed. For me, this means loose silhouettes that don’t feel messy, that are completely practical.

These joggers from Aritzia help accomplish just that. They feel like a dressed-up sweatpant that look put together while still feeling comfortable.

Now I just need a massage to get out the kinks in my neck.

Jeans, Nygard | Boots, Topshop | T, Aritzia | Jacket, Danier | Purse, Forever21
Well that was quite the hiatus. After too long away from Bundled, I’m back.

The biggest propellant of my absence was worry. I worried that I didn’t have a niche and that I couldn’t properly distinguish myself as a writer and a blogger.  Coupled with an extremely hectic course load, working, freelancing, and trying to keep some sentiment of relationships alive, I found the one aspect of my life I had control of letting go of was my blog.

But it's a new year and I have some big changes happening in my life. No longer a Gone Girl, I'm ready to get back into blogging.

Kicks, Nike | Skirt, Forever21 (similar here) | Bag, Forever 21 (similar here) | T, Winners (similar here)
Hat, Forever21 (similar here) | Sunnies, Forever21 | Nails, Essie
Bring on the dark lipstick, wool hats, and leather skirts! It's finally starting to feel like fall!

My all black outfits and leather-wearing antics feel appropriate again. With the weather starting to get a bit brisker, I love incorporating some warmer winter elements into my everyday wear. Though, until the weather totally flips, I'll be enjoying bare arms and legs. 

Dress, Forever21 (similar here) | Sandals, Aldo | Clutch, Cleo
 Jacket, Danier (similar here) | Lipstick, Mac in Girl About Town
On a rainy weekend day, I decided to take a stroll down to Granville Island to take in the sights (and the new artwork by Osgemeos). 

Even on drizzy days, there’s nothing more picturesque than the colourful flair of the area. The culture is radiant, and I couldn’t help but stop and snap a few photos. Accidentally power clashing with the walls, this fuchsia dress certainly packed a punch (especially in the dreary weather). With Vancouver fall almost upon us, I try to incorporate a bit more colour into my everyday wardrobe to bring a little sunshine indoors. 

Until fall actually hits, I'll be sitting in my backyard trying to squeeze every moment of summer sun we have left! 

T, H&M | Vest, Urban Outfitters (similar here) | Jeans, Mavi Serena Sporty Joggers 
Nails, Essie in 'After School Boy Blazer' | Heels, BCBG | Bag, Aldo
School is back! And this year marks my final year (hopefully!) of post-secondary. I'm taking marketing communications, which means my days are filled with digital & direct marketing, advertising design, and sales promotion - and I am loving it. I'm also working two jobs, doing some graphic design on the side, and just keeping myself super busy. 

But enough about me, let me talk to you about Mavi's new Serena Sporty Joggers. I'm actually scared to release this on the internet, because now everyone is going to know my secret: these feel like sweatpants. 


The inside is a terry-like finish that is super soft and stretchy. The pants even have a drawstring waistband. I'm serious when I say you will be hard pressed to find me not wearing these for the rest of my life. Especially with a super hectic schedule, it's amazing to have one secret weapon in my closet that doubles as insanely comfortable and stylish. Jeggings - move aside. Denim joggers are taking over. 




Kimono, TJ Maxx (similar here) | Crop, Aritzia | Alissa Jeans, c / o Mavi 
Sneakers, Winners (similar here) | Purse, Aldo | Sunnies, Forever21 | Lipstick, Mac in Girl About Town
Ever since I’ve gotten my hands on my Mavi Gold jeans I haven’t been able to take them off. Seriously. 
They feel like butter on, and the quality is out of this world. Not trying to sound like a stage five clinger, but I’m super smitten and am not letting these bad boys get away. 

Especially for a chill afternoon in the park, you want something broken in, faded, and super easy to move around in. Not only does this outfit lend itself to frisbee, it can take you out for dinner & drinks, too. 

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III. Lulu - $38.00
IV. Sole Society - $39.95
V. Mi-Pac - $40.00
VI. Sole Society - $44.95
VII. ASOS - $54
VIII. ASOS - $54
IX. ASOS - $59
A simple way to make a big impact, whether you're going back to school or just wanting to make a fresh start at work, is to switch up your bag. Although I'm a big fan of purses, it's really difficult to be lugging any amount of weight on one shoulder for too long. Hence: backpacks, the commuter / working gal / student's best friend. With Fall 2014 offering up a plethora of leather-style backpacks, I thought I would roundup nine of my fav bags, all under $50 !

Shop your favourite bags here: 

Sweater, Forever21 | Pant, Naked Zebra | Clutch, Ardene
Bracelet, Two Lamb Boutique | Pumps, BCBG | Lipstick, Mac in Craving
Even though I stay in the realm of monochrome a lot, I can't shake my love for statement neutrals. Juxtaposing black and cream make for such an effortless combo, especially when there's an elastic waistband involved. 

Tonight, I'm embracing all white as I head to diner en blanc with my best gal Chelle, and I can't begin to say how excited I am. I remember looking at photos of the event in the past & placing attending on my bucket list. This being one of the first things I'm getting to cross of that list makes me ecstatic! I cannot wait to share pics from the event. If you're on instagram and want to see photos in realtime, check me out here


Shop a similar look here: 


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